I'm not going to South Africa. So instead I'm gonna try and watch a bit if not all of every game at work, or at home or in a bar or wherever. On the telly. With a beer. And I'm gonna predict who I think is gonna win. And talk about football stuff. So there.

Sunday 4 July 2010


Expected Maradona to cry when their exit was confirmed. Sadly, he must have saved his tears for the dressing room. But having looked like they could have gone all the way, the Germans outfoxed, witted and played them. 4-0 was comprehensive and no less than the poor performance deserved.

Where was Messi all tournament long? Double, tripled marked. Foraging deep for the ball, sometimes as deep as back in his own half. The skills were there. The ball stuck to his foot as usual. But the keepers seemed to know where he was going to shoot. They were always there to make the save.

The Argies liked to dive and make a fuss as usual, at the most innocuous of challenges. Higuain scored a few, but against no one of note. I never thought this squad was good enough to win it. Never thought Maradona would have the tactical know-how to beat the better teams. And so it proved.