I'm not going to South Africa. So instead I'm gonna try and watch a bit if not all of every game at work, or at home or in a bar or wherever. On the telly. With a beer. And I'm gonna predict who I think is gonna win. And talk about football stuff. So there.

Sunday 2 May 2010

World Cup Group E

The Netherlands aside, this Group is a difficult one to call. I don't know much about Japan, other than its capital city is called Tokyo and Lynchpin Lineker ended his career at Grampus Eight. Always got a soft spot for Denmark, especially after their success in the '92 Euros. Bring back the Laudrups I say. And you can't mention Cameroon and the World Cup without Roger Milla, corner flags and dancing in the same sentence. I've been talking up the Africans here, and really think this is another group in which they will triumph. 1 HOLLAND 2 CAMEROON (Roger Milla, corner flags, dancing) 3 Denmark 4 Japan