I'm not going to South Africa. So instead I'm gonna try and watch a bit if not all of every game at work, or at home or in a bar or wherever. On the telly. With a beer. And I'm gonna predict who I think is gonna win. And talk about football stuff. So there.

Friday 11 June 2010

France 0-0 Uruguay

Lineker made light of the feck up at half time, when a report on the England team mysteriously cut to some Dutch fans. They re-ran the clip and all was well. Lineker's as cool in front of the camera as he was in front of the Cameroon keeper when he slotted home those penalties against them in 1990.

Not much about the game recommends itself. Uruguay had a man sent off, which given their reputation isn't even news. The French manager made some baffling substitutions, also not news. If either of these sides makes the quarter finals, I'll eat someone else's hat (but not that someone else whose hat I've already eaten, as they've no hat left.)