I'm not going to South Africa. So instead I'm gonna try and watch a bit if not all of every game at work, or at home or in a bar or wherever. On the telly. With a beer. And I'm gonna predict who I think is gonna win. And talk about football stuff. So there.

Tuesday 22 June 2010

GROUP B FINALE: Argentina 2-0 Greece; Nigeria 2-2 South Korea

Much as I'd like to not like them, I like watching Argentina. There's a confidence and flow to their game that's lacking from many other nations. And there's a player called Messi who's lacking from every other nation. It took them a while to break down a Greece side that had come to defend and get eliminated with a whimper and that's exactly what happened. Rehhagel's got a way of playing and he's sticking to it, whatever the cost. Maximum points from the group for the Argies.

Nigeria will be kicking themselves for not winning this and taking second place in the group. Yakubu's miss has just been described by Shearer as the worst miss he's ever seen and it's hard to argue. Four yards out. Open goal. Wide. It's hard to tell if the miss cost Nigeria their place in the next round, but it won't have helped. That said, South Korea are an enjoyable side to watch and shouldn't be begrudged their place in the last 16, and with Uruguay awaiting, they could go a bit further in this competition.

Bizarrely, I had Nigeria down to win the group. Here's how it really finished: 1 ARGENTINA 2 SOUTH KOREA 3 Greece 4 Nigeria